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In-depth. I need to become fully immersed in your story before I can write a single word of feedback with any confidence, and by that time I'll have a lot of ideas on how you could improve your work (even if it's stunning, as I had some training in critiquing classic novels at college). My comments will not be ascerbic but I will focus on where you can improve as well as praising what I like about your writing. I am more interested in the big issues - themes, structure, style, character and story arcs, than proofreading. I would rather you reviewed one of my chapters in return, and forget the payment. I'm still searching for a beta reader.
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Multi-level analysis beneath the surface. BTW my other 35 reviews were all private ones.
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Drama, emotional, real-life stories; comedy; anything positive and inspiring, however dark it gets at times; YA, especially in these genres; fiction and nonfiction if it's a true story. LGBT. Anything that challenges the status quo.
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graphic horror, and graphic erotica if it's all effects and no meaning or substance.
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Novels and short stories
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I'm least experienced at reviewing poems but will even try those!
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I will consider anything. Run it past me:)
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Review of Courtney's World  
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Rated: 13+ | (5.0)
Nothing's perfect. I mean, Tolkien wouldn't even get a 5. But I rated this 4.8 and that's 5, isn't it? I never was any good at maths. I am also insane, as you haven't logged on for 3 years so you're never going to read this anyway.

I was searching for someone to reality-check my female characters and I've just found one who's done that already, without needing to read a word of my novel first. And she isn't even real. I've got work to do.

Courtney's voice is very Nigel Molesworth, whose stories I loved reading when I was 11 (different gender, different agenda, but same personality).

I usually have at least one suggestion for improvement to help the writer, but I found this too hard to fault. I could put [SP] in a lot of places and sneer at some of the sentence structure, but you'd only play the in-character card.

You make clever use of the diary format and have a natural sense of character comedy. Why the hell didn't you finish it? Why don't you? Any publisher who rejects the end result is a moron.

Funnier than Vicky Pollard - I think because your character's voice comes from the standpoint of a girl her age, and not from some bloke who's spooked by girl gangsters and uses the power of TV to get back at them.

It's nice to discover another Brit on WDC at long last. At least, it would be if you were still here.
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