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Review of Video Evidence  
Review by jfoleydreams
Rated: E | (5.0)
Jaydee, this is James Foley. You reviewed my "Hemingway" story today.
"Video Evidence" is a magnificent achievement. Its great power comes from the victim's tragic, meaningless death, which explodes on us movingly in the end, after the taut, tight-lipped technical narrative of the process of detection. I found this convincing, and I served as a U.S. Navy intelligence officer, engaged often in criminal detective work.
One minor point: Katie, the sketch artist, seems to be on the scene almost by chance. Yet her lip-reading skill is absolutely essential to the story. Wouldn't it be better if she were there more deliberately or routinely, so the story's power wouldn't depend on mere happenstance?
Jaydee, let's stay in touch. Anything of mine that you review will be instantly reciprocated.
All the best,
James Foley

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