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Review by John
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Very nice essay - if you are open minded I would ask you to challenge your assertions by reading "Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It" by Gary Taubes - a scientific inquiry into the status quo beliefs about the obesity problem. Some shocking conclusions:

Exercise + eat less is useless for losing weight - it is a recipe (no pun intended) for maintaining a state of constant hunger, which no one can endure for long.
Low fat, high carb diets are what got us into this mess.
One of the biggest predictors for a person being at risk for obesity is - poverty (visit Mississippi).
In poor places, obesity in grown-ups and malnutrition in children go hand in hand.
People aren't overweight because they don't exercise - it is EXACTLY the reverse.

This is not a diet book, the author is a respected science writer and is not selling anything. The main conclusion is that the causes of obesity are well known, have been known for many years, are not controversial, but have gotten lost in some really bad public policy decisions.

You can also see him present evidence for these conclusions on YouTube:

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