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Review of Blending Worlds  
Review by Octavian
Rated: E | (3.5)

I liked this piece because it made me sit back and think for a while afterwards, and in my view, anything that can make you sit back and think is worth your time!

i would like to split this review into two parts 'Writing Style' and 'Themes'.

Writing Style

I am new to writing and sharing reviews so i will keep this quite short. I initially found the piece quite hard to follow and some of the sentences slightly disjointed. To give you an example 'There will be a reincarnation event involving fourteen of those who have lived during the time of what you would call on earth as the Jesus of Nazareth.' this sentence is quite hard to follow and to make clear sense of.

Overall I feel that it has been quite hard to translate your thoughts into words, because I can feel passion with which you have written the story but I struggled to truly grasp the meaning at times.


This is where I found the piece very interesting and where I sat back to contemplate. I am not a religious person, however I do believe in the oneness of all living beings and our planet. And I feel like this story gave me a view of our interaction with the earth from a Christian perspective.

The main themes for me were:

- leaving home to pursue a higher calling
- the effect of dreams and the human psyche
- creating a natural ecosystem at the ranch
- christian religion and prophets
- spirituality and the soul

I like to think about all of these themes within my own life and found it interesting to read somebody else's perspective on them. I may be wrong but that was my reading of it :) Particularly interesting as I see that you work on a self sustaining project in Kansas in your Bio. I hope that is going well.

keep writing,

Review by Octavian
Rated: E | (3.5)
This is a good story and I'm glad I stumbled across it. I enjoyed reading about the character and her surroundings. It's sad to think of the old lady and the even older bonsai tree being swept away and killed, but such is the power of nature!

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