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Review by potato warrior
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Wow, what a piece of writing!

The only 'bad' point I want to bring up that I wasn't sure about is from a paragraph about halfway through chapter 5:
[Off they went. Fran sat down on the sofa with Carolyn and started babblinabout the moon. I sat in a chair next to Chad. “Everything’s going to be okay,” I said as I reached into the playpen and stroked his head. Somehow, it had to be.]
Specifically there, the "babblinabout" bit, which I was assuming to be a typo?

That said, I loved it! Very real, and moving, very simply expressed in such a personal way. The pace felt spot on and very natural, as did the first person accounting of the end our civilisation. The characters felt real even in so short an account, and although it was evident where things were ultimately leading after just a few chapters I was bound here reading every word until I had reached the end.

Thank you for building your time machine and bringing back this timely warning of our impending doom! I can only hope that the people of today will learn from the mistakes of tomorrow, but knowing what we're like I can already tell that this rare post-historical document is doomed to repeat.
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