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Hi there! Fellow poet here to help. *Wink*

Well, the title is definitely relevant and unique, but could be shortened. Maybe: Fruit on Protest Road (or something like that). Your title still sounds good though, so I wouldn't make such a small change on this piece since it is an already established poem title. Once you have something established and we'll-respected it is better to stick with it.

The stanzas are of perfect length. The last two stanzas though sounded empty, which I think can be fixed by adding one or two more syllables.Grest Great rhyming scheme however, as you had me glued to my seat!

I don't see anything else that can be improved, as I've already covered everything. "Strange Fruit on Protest Road" is very well written and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this piece. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read it!

I give "Strange Fruit on Protest Road" an 8.5 out of 10. Keep up the awesome work! You are very talented and I can see you going on to become one of the greatest poet's in the digital age. For real.

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