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Review of Darkness  
Rated: E | (4.5)
This is a fantastic start. The idea of "raising" an AI is clever and, in this case, well-written. You've touched on some of the issues that may come up for an AI growing in such a manner and on the possible development of a soul. What I really want to know is, "what next?" You have this AI growing up, but what does it do? Why does it do it? You mention the Venusian base which hints at future possibilities. What happens with a sapient AI gets afraid and it loses access to security cameras or alarms or accidentally shuts off life support? A human-like AI would be one capable of making mistakes and learning from them, but it would still have made a mistake, an error in judgement. Can it make decisions without all of the information? Can it "guess?"
I hope you continue writing stories from C.A.L.'s point of view. It makes an excellent thought experiment.
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