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Review of The Verdict  
Review by Devina
Rated: E | (4.5)
Hi, Moriarty!

This is an excellent story, one that appealed to me right from the start. You have described Abdul in a way that can be related immediately to the fishermen in community in Kerala. Abdul comes out, as you have said, as a symbol of the small, independent fisherman against the big trawlers that had technology to power them.

I liked the language immensely, particularly the sentiments expressed in the following words:

"A proud and happy man, content to follow in the footsteps of his forefathers, he could hardly wait for his baby boy to grow up, so he could take him along and teach him to become an expert fisherman, just as his father had trained him when he was only a child."
The sea that had fed their forefathers would continue to feed them as well and they had no interest in giving up their independent profession to become minion slaves of some large, monstrous corporation"

" It was the sad voice of a man whose livelihood had been snatched away; a small pawn in the service of a larger cause."

The ending too is on a note that elicits an empathic response.

Overall the story looks very real and straight out of the pages of life in Kerala!
Do keep giving us such beautiful stories.

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