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Review of sobriety  
Review by karlben
Rated: 13+ | (4.5)
Congratulations to the one who, had, the alcoholism addiction problem. Whether it be the author or any other, it's an extremely awful and painful way to have to go to go through the recovery time. Withdrawal is yet another demon we gave to overcome, it's like the devil on our shoulder trying to once again lure us to go back to doing our harmful habit especially no thanks to the pain associated with the withdrawal symptoms. Even I've had to go through a form of withdrawal, via caffeine and not eating sugary or junk foods from having to be on a cleansing diet. It was horrible! I craved junk and sugary foods and had to find and use a non caffeinated beverage to help curb my caffeine addition withdrawal severe headache pain! It worked, it was yerba mate tea from South America, but I still suffered until the body cleansing diet was all over.

Honestly, any kind of addition such as alcohol, caffeine, pain killers anything is very difficult and painful to overcome! Any of it! There are ways to help stop what you're doing, cut down slowly the amount you drink or medicine you take, but if it's a pain killer you might need professional help from a pain management doctor, because you might just wind up getting addicted again anyway which makes you end up worse off, again.

Nice little poem here. It was short and to the point. It expressed the writer's feelings very well. It was easy to read and it's also wonderful to read that whoever the person that was addicted to alcohol is was able to finally stop doing their addiction. It's great to read that there was a problem then a resolution! Alcohol and withdrawal are both a demon! Nice quick read!
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