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Review by Krysti
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I believe to have the gift to write...is just a joy! I believe even having the ability to express whatever it is a writer wishes to express...is very essential to writing. I try very hard to monitor grammer as I write. Grammer is very esstential in writing...as well as the topic, main idea, and the supporting details. What I like most of all about writing is...grabbing the audience. You must consider whoever the audience that's reading your work! In order to get your product to sell... and get the reader's attention, your writing has to be critically well written! Your words have to be expressed carefully...and each prargraph must be polished! And, expressing the details, grammer must be monitored very closely! Also, proofreading is essential in writing. When proofreading, it's to make sure that what you've written is all correct... such as spelling, punctuation, and usage of words.

Other than that, writing can be a great deal of fun! It's like drawing a verbal picture of your own characters in you mind! The way I look at it is...how are writing stories and drawing pictures the same? Simple, they are both creating! Writing stories is like verbally drawing pictures. You imagine as you write...like...what do you see in your mind's eye? To create characters is simply a work of art, period! I've recently began associating the subject Art with sowing and reaping. Whatever you send out...it comes back! A designer puts out a design for a dress pattern...then, as the designer cuts out the dress pattern, and sews it together, what does the designer get? A dress! So, whenever we're creating something..we're sowing something. And, if we want to reap good, we've got to sow good. That goes for anything we do while in the process of creating something. If we want to reap a good book, we've got sow a good book!
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