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I will focus on character building, making the plot thicker and more interesting, and I will help with dialogue and making the peice more descriptive.
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Inproving dialogue and detail.
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Fiction, drama, dark, children's(to a certain extent), historical fiction, and fantasy.
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Anything that's adult.
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Campfire Creative, Static, quizzes.
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I don't not like any of them.
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Adult stories. Sorry!
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Review of Home Front  
Review by KJTrimm
Rated: E | (4.5)
This was an amazing piece. In truth, I almost cried!! I used to have an abusive parent, so I can relate well to this. It was very touching.

Though, at one point, I was a little confused. It was when Melissa was done talking to that lady, and it said,"But where will you go?" she shouted, after the woman." , even though it didn't say that the woman started going. (I hope that's not too confusing, but if it is, just disregard it)

I loved it. Well done!

Please review some of my stories, or add on to some of my Campfire Creatives. :)
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