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Rated: E | (5.0)
Its a very good depitcion of what is out there.May I ask what rhyming style is that?I havent seen many poems written like this.Looks interesting may use it aswell.
Minor error on 31-st line.Lightening bolt should instead be lightning bolt.
Overall very fine work and I wish you the best in the contest.

Review of The Thunderbird  
Rated: ASR | (4.0)
I am what you might call a perfectionist.I write mostly poems myself but i abide strictly by certain rules.I check the rhytm and my poems are usually shorter that this.So it makes it hard for me to read without correcting it at the same time.Some minor rhytm inbalance and one strange sentence i could find:Dissapearing in the night you could make that into dissapearing to the night.
I liked it,it talks about the thunderbird,its habits and points out the fact that human kind is the greatest predators of all.'
You put your soul and emotions into this poem and thats what i like very much.

Keep up the good work.


Lars J. Andeson
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