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I am an honest person, at least I think so, and I will give you my opinion. Never with a harsh meaner of course, simply what I think works or does not work.
I'm good at...
Basically, I am only good at the story so don't expect me to do much good at grammar.
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I can do poetry. I think i am good at it for i write music on my off time and it is on par with my writing ambition. I love a good horror story and would love to read interesting sci/fi and fantasy short stories.
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Romance, erotica, basically anything other than horror, sci/fi and fantasy.
Favorite Item Types
Short stories.
Least Favorite Item Types
Not really types as much as genres.
I will not review...
Romance (I am awful at it), and religious stuff (It would be ironic a bit). Everything else probably will be alright.
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Review by The Lost One
Rated: E | (5.0)
Hello, I am going through Read & Review and your poem interested me. Also, you are my first review, so yeah, sorry *Blush* .

First Impression:

I loved the style of it. A Christmas tree pours out its feelings in a very fitting format.


I didn't find any mistakes.

Setting and Themes:

A Christmas tree poem written in Christmas tree format, what could be wrong with it?

Final Thoughts:

It's a cute little poem. I also quite sympathized with the tree in regard to kids singing. Yeah, only cute for a few minutes.

Take care! *BoothB*

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