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Review of Drizzella Part 1  
Review by LauraCBarker
Rated: E | (5.0)
It's Laura from writing group here with some comments!

-I think you can have a lot of fun with the opening line. She hates her name, but loves her father. Maybe you could do something along the lines of "I adored my father, but the one thing I never forgave him for was my name."
-I'd love to know more about their lessons for marrying well. Those could be really interesting.
-I think you could use a few more details about their life before and after they hit poverty to give us a sense of what these characters were used to growing up and what losing that money meant to them.
-"When he was young, Mr. Thomas would give him candy when he did his studies correctly, only the young prince was so smart that he soon had a mouth full of cavities." That made me smile. This line is so cute and has a whole story in it.

-You have a very consistent tone set by your word choice and voice. It makes me feel like I'm reading a fairy tale!

(Had to run out to dinner and not sure if these things saved or not, so I'll send this now and write more later!)
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