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Review by Lusho
Rated: 18+ | (5.0)
Words cannot describe how much i enjoyed reading this piece of art.
First things first; Joan's character is my favorite. The fact that you did not apply any physical appearance is a very beautiful aspect of the writing since it does not subject the reader to bias. As i read through the story, i did not try to press too much about what she looked like but rather what kind of person she is. by taking away her physical appearance, i was able to focus on her personality. great achievement there!

Secondly, Your writing style is pretty good. You do not give too much but certainly enough for the reader to grasp a situation. The choice of words are good and entertaining.

I also like how the story portrays cultural differences by involving people from all background. I really like stories that talk portray themes about cultural differences.

The Fanfiction is also good to follow through by the way the dialogues have been shortened to keep the reader excitedly going through the reading. Another thing, i really liked how the story portrays the idea of a world with free will. A society which allows people to be who they want to be and no one is judgmental about it.

Few small pointers;
look out for spell checks. it is just one of those all writers go through and i did see some typos.

Overall, this is a very captivating fanfiction to read. The title is also really interesting because it captures the reader's curiosity to want to read about the story. I am excited to read more of your writings. I wish you the best! :)
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