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Review of Bubblegum Romance  
Review by Mad_Hugger
Rated: 18+ | (4.0)
I really liked this piece!

The interaction between Ivy and Ralph is classic. I can feel the guilt that Ralph has, while also being able to relate to the fact that he doesn't really want to call this relationship off. I haven't been in a situation exactly like this, but I can definitely appreciate and empathize with the emotional struggle that he's having as he tries to talk through this situation with Ivy.

Ivy herself totally speaks to the impetuous nature of youth. I don't get the feeling that she's a "know-it-all", but I do get the feeling that she's decided what she wants and she's not going to make things easy for Ralph at all if he wants out. I get the feeling that they'll be at odds with each other about this particular subject again.

Your song usage as the background music is very good. Since I'm a DJ, I often pick out the background music when watching TV or movies, especially if it's something chosen as a subtle hint of what's obviously going on. It's clear that Ivy chose these songs for their significance (as you have as well). This was a very nice touch, indeed.

Your use of description is excellent. Not so much so that it overwhelms the reader and distracts from the story, but enough to allow for added nuances to be seen. We see the comfort level that Ralph and Ivy have with each other, even with Ralph expressing his concerns. We also see that Ivy is listening to what he has to say, but has no intention of letting it ruin what they have.

The story flowed well. I didn't notice any typos or grammar issues at all. The pacing was good, from where I sit. Great job!

Overall, a great piece. I thoroughly enjoyed it. *Smile*
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