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Review of The Hermit's Tale  
Review by Melisscious
Rated: E | (4.0)
Haha. I feel this. I like how you used only a few words and yet I could see a trail of people snaking down a little goat trail on the side of a mountain. Various packages in hand. Some with small children at their sides. Here and there a dog.
His attempts to meditate on a mountain top remind me of someone trying to read in a bar. That is one of the ultimate ways to get people to talk to you! It's like the more you want to be left alone, the more most people have to ask 'what are you doing?' Or in this case, be apart of it.
Well done. Thanks for the chuckle at the end!
Review by Melisscious
Rated: ASR | (4.0)
Brrr! I actually felt the chill from the snow by the second line and the smell of salt air by the end. Very inspired imagery from interesting wordplay.
The beauty of this piece overshadowed the sad undercurrent that it gave me the impression of.
It definitely seems like one you have revisited often enough to draw out compelling descriptions and emotions from in such a succinct manner.
Thanks for the read!

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