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Review Style
Rather than "judge" a piece on its merits, which I feel is an unfair use of a reviewer's subjectivity, I prefer to share how I feel and what my thoughts are as I'm reading the piece. It's all subjective, so the next person will have their own unique reaction--which is good! Get as many as you can and make your own decisions. I'll show you one reader's perspective, with the hopes it will help you gauge if your piece is working the way YOU want it to. Let me know if there's something you'd like me to focus on, or how often in the piece I should share (I often respond with each paragraph, when things get interesting, so it can get a little detailed).
I'm good at...
Respecting a writer's right to tell their own story, without criticism or judgment. I'm especially good at sharing how the story affects me personally as I read along. I figure this is what you want to know anyway. ^_^
Favorite Genres
Science fiction, mystery, poetry, memoir, creative writing, romantic comedy.
Least Favorite Genres
Horror, melodrama, romance
Favorite Item Types
All of them, really.
Least Favorite Item Types
I'll let you know. :)
I will not review...
Anything that includes gore, torture, rape, gratuitous/senseless violence, or getting-into-the-head-of-a-serial-killer type stuff.
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