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have you ever wondered the multiple reasons selfies are taken. they are taken to keep memories, to be a reminder, to help make someones day better or just to take it. There is also the way a selfie makes you feel. some selfies make you feel beautiful while some make you laugh. not all selfies make you happy or male you laugh they can make you remember an event that's quite the opposite. everyone has a selfie with someone that they miss because they have moved away, lost contact, are not together anymore, are not friends anymore or the person has passed away and you think when selfies were created in 1839 did they expect that there would be meaning behind every selfie taken that only the person took the selfie knows what happened that day, what they felt, what they thought and who was there. Have you ever looked in the eye of a persons/your selfie (and i mean look) and see something, had a non existent conversation with, learned the meaning behind the smile, behind the way the eyes tell a story or write a book. Maybe in thinking too deep about selfies but i have a question

When you took your first selfie what did you think, feel and see?
thank you for writing and posting this now i have a new way of looking at selfies.
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