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Attention to detail. I'm really particular!
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Public Reviews
Review by Melina
Rated: 18+ | (3.5)
Review for: RJLloyd Of The Stalker's Notebook - Chapter 1

Overview and Suggestions

Description: Overall I think the narration did pretty well. There were a few times where I felt there were unnecessary descriptions. For example:

"They waited for her in the hall as she pulled together a black on black outfit. Without much thought, she opted for a black canvas bag that she had gotten at some business convention over taking her Prada purse."

I can see the emphasis was made to be on the black canvas, but the description of the black on black outfit or where she got the canvas bag, I felt, was unnecessary detail. When you're writing detail, remember for your readers, you have to convince us to care about what's happening.

So, as an example, that sentence could be re-written into something like this:

"The couple waited for her in the hall as she retreated to the bedroom to slip on an outfit. Absentmindedly, she reached for a black canvas bag rather than her signature Prada purse."

Remember, that's just an example.

Emotion: I didn't see anything wrong with the emotional portrayal, so good job!

Dialogue: The dialogue between the characters could use a little bit of work. I felt at times it wasn't relaxed. Here's what I mean:

"“We have some questions about a complaint you filed,” Dickov said.
Laura looked at them and how they made an awkward coupling. He was in charge.
“Was it a week ago?”
“Yes,” he said as if playing along.
“In regards to Dr. Bender and Altheim?”

That last sentence, "In regards to Dr. Bender and Altheim", I'm not sure who is speaking. If it's not obvious who the speaker is, a dialogue tag should be added.

""We have some questions about a complaint you filed,” Dickov said.
Laura looked them over, noting how strange of a coupling they made.
“My complaint from a week ago?”
“Yes,” he said. “In regards to Dr. Bender and Altheim?”

Grammar/Mechanics: I found multiple grammatical errors, but I will only include a few of them here.

She had hoped that they would have breakfast together even if it was just a ‘Starbucks’ run downstairs. (It appears that the verb was should be in the subjunctive form when used with the word if. Consider changing it.)

Out of habit she pressed the black button on the device cutting off her doorman’s familiar voice. (It appears that you are missing a comma after the introductory phrase Out of habit. Consider adding a comma.)

She had of course asked them this too (separately) over and over again in various formats. (It appears that you are missing a comma or two with the interrupter of course. Consider adding the comma(s).)

Overall Impression
I think overall this is a good beginning! There are some descriptions that need some working around, but as a general whole, you did well. Good job!
Review of Demons To Fight  
Review by Melina
Rated: 13+ | (4.0)
Review for: Monochrome Of Demons To Fight

Overview and Suggestions

Description: Overall I think the description was well done! It could be tweaked just a little in some areas. Here is one that I noticed.

"It was a dark and cold night. Regardless, I wasn’t sure if I could feel anything. Even my tears were not coming out. I had been staring at the asphalt road blankly. I didn’t even notice that I was already crossing this narrow street a few blocks away from home.

“Get of the way!”

The car almost hit me. The driver gave his furious gaze as he just managed to quickly steer the wheel away from me."

Though I can see what was happening, there could be a more descriptive, action-based way to write this out. I'll re-write this to explain what I mean. Remember, this is just an example, you don't have to write it the same way.

"The dark and bitterness of the night air reflected the numbness of my heart. I had no tears to shed as my gaze remained downcast at the asphalt below my feet. I was barely aware of my crossing the narrow street until the screeching tires of the car and the angry voice of the driver caught my attention.

“Get out of the road, kid!”

The car swerved just in time, narrowly avoiding me in the process."

Re-writing this could help with action portion of the descriptive sentences for stronger writing.

Emotion: The emotion portion of this was the strongest part of the writing. I believe the emotion of every character, so good job!

Dialogue: The dialogue between characters was natural and smooth.

Grammar/Mechanics: There were a couple of things for grammar and mechanics I noticed, but that's not unusual to find. Here are a few:

"I was seeking for acceptance" It appears that the preposition for may be unnecessary in this context. Consider removing it.

"I actually dropped it earlier." It appears that actually may be unnecessary in this sentence. Consider removing it.

"My arms and legs felt weaker." This appears to be an incomplete sentence. Consider rewriting the sentence or connecting the fragment with another sentence.

"She was weeping in the most regretful way." The phrase in the most regretful way may be considered wordy. Consider changing the wording.

"I tried to speak even thought" The word thought doesn’t seem to fit this context. Consider replacing it with a different one.

Overall Impression
I think this was a great short story! A lot happened in a short amount of time and that was expressed in just 1200 words. Great job!
Review by Melina
Rated: 13+ | (4.0)
Review for: Melondthera Of Darkenfell chapters 1-6

Writing Strengths–What’s Working in this Text

         • Description: You’ve done a wonderful job at the physical description of the characters. I could picture each one well with how they were described. The clothing description was also a strength here as you ensured to describe the garb that worn. It's difficult to describe how clothing looks, so good job!

         • Emotion: I think you’ve done a good job at conveying the character’s emotions, whichever scene they were in, which for me as a reader I feel is very important.

         • Dialogue: The dialogue between characters seemed natural. There were a couple of spots I wasn’t so sure about, which I have addressed below.

Writing Improvements–What Could Be Worked On

         • Grammar/Mechanics: I saw a few times where there was a comma when there didn’t need to be one, or missing a comma when there should have been a pause. Example:

"You don’t need to talk," Tanya teased as she stood fastening her jerkin and brushing the dust from her, breaches she threw back her head gathering her black hair into a knot. Reaching for her helm placed it on her head so that most of the hair was, covered

So, how can this be re-written for a better sentence structure? Here would be my take (and remember, this would just be my example–it could be written however you want it).

"You’re one to talk," Tanya teased as she stood, fastening her jerkin and brushing the dust from her britches. She threw back her head, gathering her black hair into a knot before she reached for her helm. She placed it atop her head, concealing her hair from view.

Overall Impression
I think you have the beginnings of a great story! I would be interested to see how it continues. I think fine tuning would strengthen your work, but it still stands strong as it is. Good job!
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