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Review of Sophia  
Review by Necrofancy
Rated: ASR | (4.5)
I am so happy I came across this! What an absolute wonderful read. Witches, the craft, the occult, the trials... These are among my top interests, and your opening line caught my attention immediately. Kudos on that!

Overall story wise, you tell an intriguing tale that left me wanting to read more, as I'm wondering what will happen to Sophia. You captured such emotion in the town going after Sophia's mother, their shared terror and worry, as well as the heartbreak that accompanies Sophia having to face she is about to lose her mother forever. Praise to you, also, as this writing fits the setting and time/year of the piece-- there is nothing modern about it, which is difficult to achieve often in writing, so kudos on that as well!

Grammatically I found a few run on sentences and some missing commas, but this did not take away from the tale.

I would love to see this continued!
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