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Review of You're Gone  
Review by NorahMae
Rated: E | (5.0)
Wow. Really beautiful.

"The good times are all in the past
The present fills my heart
I can’t determine what to do
Now that we’re apart"

is so touching and I feel like I know exactly what you're saying.

I can’t believe you’ve left me
I can’t believe you’re gone
While your life now is over
And mine must still go on

For me this was kind of a twist ending but I loved it. In fact, it made me connect with the poem even more.

Incredible writing.
Review of Tears at Dawn.  
Review by NorahMae
Rated: E | (3.5)
Great poem, I lovee especially the last two lines: "The misty dawn is full of tears, crying in the rain.
Come to me and feel so free, I'll release your pain." - Really beautiful.
Review of Precious Days  
Review by NorahMae
Rated: E | (5.0)
Really beautiful. Moving.
Review by NorahMae
Rated: E | (4.0)
Hello fellow Newbie!

I really enjoyed this poem. I loved:
"When the music is silent,
that pause between the last drumbeat
and the cheering, the joy, the screaming.
Silence. Complete command of the crowd.
Complete command of the world, for a moment."

You captured that feeling very well and just beautiful writing overall.
I also loved the way you ended your poem, the fleetingness of silence emphasizes its importance.

Great read.
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