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Review by Jack Goldman
Rated: 18+ | (5.0)
I thought it time for me to go ahead and review this work. I know I have given you my thoughts in private, but I'd like to delve into the work and discuss its merits with a public review.

First of all, as a stand alone work, I think it has almost as much power and value, as your story, "I'll Always Be Your Friend."

It takes a moment, or a stanza, for the horror of what is being described to sink in and after the reading is complete, the compelling need to go back and re read in order to feel what just happened, is overwhelming.

I realize that it was written with your elegant hand, but that hand is one of grit, as well. And this work is gritty and gutsy.

Many know you and I are related and I am sure some will judge this commentary as biased and I have no problem with that. Be that as it may, I found the poem, as a stand alone work flawless, emotionally raw, terrifying, sad, and tragic. It pulled much more out of me than I expected and I was with you when you wrote it. I can only imagine what it has done to others...for others.

I found many strengths, not the least of which is what it took to even write it. But perhaps the most noticeable strength is how informative it is. The protagonist, whether we know it is Lisa Lansing or not, suffers and suffers over and over again. What happens when that happens?

You describe disassociation poetically and with incredible power. It is tough enough to get the concept across to those in law enforcement, but you do it with words that are stark and noble at the same time.

In this alone, the poem has more value than can even be described. Already from reading other public reviews, I notice victims of this type of crime admitting how it has helped them with the healing process, started them on a path of facing what must be faced and even as in the case of "I'll Always Be Your Friend" caused one to reconsider committing suicide.

I read a review on here recently which actually stated the poem had NO value other than in the context of the Lisa Lansing Series. I find it absolutely mind boggling that anyone would feel that way, considering what I just shared. it caused me to seriously question the motives and even the history of the author of that review. But, I am certain this person was incorrect or misunderstood.

The poem also has further value within or without the context of your book. It has shown some, who were not aware or barely aware that predators exist and they are skilled at hiding their deeds. They use shame, and appeal to the sweet souls they choose to victimize for mercy, then with insouciance and temerity, actually attempt to mollify with gifts and false grace.

Your one stanza, written from the viewpoint of the protagonist, initiated a rage with me I haven't felt since I was a police officer and saw first hand the abuse of which you have shared with your gift of placing words before us that though written on paper and cyberspace, were penned in your heart at first.

Again, as a stand alone work it achieves much, as I have just described.

But the fact is, you have included it in your book and embedded within it and outside of it, clues which lead to the resolution of it all. That being, what became of Lisa Lansing. That is a remarkable achievement.

But the message is still the same..the theme of the poem still intended: it is about abuse..and the way it is described lets us know, that it could be any kind of abuse, and any kind of victim. A wife. A little girl. A little boy. Incest. It is descriptive and harsh and pulls no punches.

It is also about disassociation...traveling away from the nightmare as it happens across the universe.

I know from my experience as a cop, that many do not return.

Knowing this, I can tell you there exists over the years, many, many parents and loved ones of victims that would have welcomed this work and held it a noble and valuable effort because they know it would have helped not just the victims, but others, understand and maybe even heal.

Even if I didn't know you, I honestly would have to share that I am very proud of what you have accomplished.

The poem itself to many victims of abuse, their families, and neighbors - who might need help in noticing the signs?

It is priceless.

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