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Review by Oreen Scott
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A cute idea, maybe too cute. I didn't understand the first paragraph until I reread it, and I reread it after finishing your whole piece. Generally, I don't read anythning more than once.

In your second paragraph don't family name and sir name mean the same thing? If so, how can a family name include a sir name? Why did punctuation come before grammar, style, body etc.?

I don't understand "Gate Weigh Eye Beam Dales" nor "The edict of chatter grabbed all they could gather and flew with a fury back to Archer’s Domain. "

nothing could stop them they were always so strong. - but they were stopped - therefore something did stop them

have swallowed up the worlds of the once known writer and eaten it whole - What is meant by the word "writer" someone who uses pen and paper, or a wordsmith? For me these are two different attributes. My handwriting is terrible, and I don't care, but I try very hard to be a good wordsmith.

You've written something very creative, and very clever. I'm thinking it may be a iittle to clever for my simple mind. But, I did enjoy the read.

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