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Review by Orphan
Rated: 13+ | (3.5)
I liked this piece. I thought it was well written but a little hurried. I felt the character of Faye was very mysterious. I definately didn't get straight away that she was a vampire. I felt that the hunt for her victim could have involved a little more than just picking him up at a bar and draining him in her car, but obviously that's all a vampire like Faye has to do :)

Although I would have liked a little more from the hunt, it definately wet my appetite for the story. I felt myself wanting to find out more about Faye and her Ghoul servant. Although her going home to do nothing for a month at the end dried it up a bit.

Overall it was very good and with a little more action it would be even better for me.

Thankyou for writing it :)
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