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Review of THE COOP CAPER  
Review by patspenmark
Rated: E | (4.5)
Hi Ambush,

You caught me in this story to see what was going to happen with all of these pigeons. I had to giggle at the picture of the boys trying to take these pigeons on a bus. I could picture this little scene in a movie, actually this whole story. It would be a sight to see if someone directed it properly as you wrote it.

It was a fun read and I'm glad the boys got found out and the one was punished for it. I hope Al got it too. You didn't say whether he did or not. Maybe you could write a little bit of what happened to him too in the form of punishment to finish toward your ending.
Good story.

Best regards,

Review of Lullaby  
Review by patspenmark
Rated: E | (5.0)

What a lovely lullaby; the lines are soft and calming.

My favorite lines:

"Please Mr. Moon
Change all the tides
Pull the stars from the ocean
and back to the skies"

This is a very enjoyable read. I can almost hear the music.


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