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Review of The Dragon Rises  
Review by Sam Bailey
Rated: 18+ | (4.5)
This is a well written and developed piece that really sets a tone. It is an opening that rouses the need to continue, and more so, does not give a hint of what will come next. The balance of these two attributes is vital to any hook-lined opening and is achieved effectively and gracefully. The options now presented to the reader are perfectly adequate whilst at the same time this does not confuse the reader or overload them with information.

A suggestion may be only to lighten the tone slightly at an early stage without changing or compromising it's original need. The main of the text is ideal but a tweak or two in the right places, regarding language, may be beneficial.

This recommendation is so trivial though, not to make too much difference. Altogether this is an excellent start; which is half of the battle won.

Well Done.
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