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Review of Self Love  
Review by RomanticPoet27
Rated: 13+ | (4.0)
To love yourself, and only yourself, will become the most limiting thing to ever love.

I never truly and completely understood this whole "self-love" mentality, and as much as it would please me to erase that mentality from this world, I have found it to be more recent than something ancient.

At least, in the promotional sense, it is recent.

"Self-love", as I see it, is a euphemism for "NPD", or Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

As it is among today's world, people have their purpose in success. What is success? I once defined it as "walking straight, and never taking a turn to the left or right." That translates to, "walking straight, and never stopping to help someone."

Success is the idea that marks a person to never see beyond themselves. When we look up, we do not see ourselves, for we are submitting. When we look down, we are seeing the full length of our body, and do we ever see beyond? Do we ever see beyond ourselves, to the person who is crawling at our feet?

In desperation, that person is begging for aid, at our feet. But, we stop at the sight of ourselves. And, if we have ever been so gluttonous to be fat enough to not be able to see over our stomachs, then it is too late for us. We can no longer see beyond ourselves.

Love is the most beautiful thing to be vulnerable towards, because we are always looking up to it.
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