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Review by Rajesh
Rated: 18+ | (4.5)
Its delightfully written. I really liked it. In the initial parts, I had a feeling that there is more detail than is required (The point at which edit 11 has been provided).As I read, I believe it works. Its a very good start to the chapter. I would like to know what happens next & thats because of the quality of the writing. I also liked the way the conversations are structured. It takes the story along and makes it more intriguing. Its a little early to give a 5. So, I am giving you a 4.5. As I read more chapters in this, I want to increase the rating.

I have a small request. I have put in a couple of excerpts of a novel that I am writing. Would request you to go through it and provide your feedback too. All the best!! I think you have a good book in the making.
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