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Review of Complex Numbers  
Rated: 18+ | (5.0)
Very entertaining. The part about "vengeance is mine" is so true. Many people misinterpreted this verse of the bible. God gave the right and duty to be the final judge! How does vengeance help anyone? It doesn't make you feel better right?
Anyway, I really thought this piece to be well thought out, funny, yet sad, but true. Great job!
Review of A Raft of Air  
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         I really enjoyed this short story! It was very entertaining, well written, and even made me worry for a second when the seagull popped the balloon.
I have no criticism, only gratitude for you sharing this with me.
Thank you,


Rated: 13+ | (5.0)
What I felt: I really liked this sonnet! It was truthful and real.
What it was about:I think that it was about our human frailty and the thoughts that go through everybody's mind sometimes. What are we here for? What is the point of this life? I believe that we are here for "the architect", also known as God.
How could I relate: I have felt the lost feelings in my life until I found out that life is about relationships and other people. How we treat and serve others is the core of our purpose in life.
What I liked or/and didn't like: I liked the imagery and sence of surrender to what you called the architect because he is the greater of everything and we are all subject to his will. We do not have any control of our death.
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