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Review Style
I need the story to grab me right away, that's not to say in the first chapter, I typically give a book a couple chapters to develop characters and scenes, but it's hard for me to review something I can't wrap my head around, or have to force myself to read.
I'm good at...
Spelling, simple grammar, simple punctuation.
Favorite Genres
Romance, erotica, suspense
Least Favorite Genres
Historical war, fantasy, sci-fi - not because I don't enjoy reading them, but I often find myself having to reread paragraphs several times to understand what was written.
Favorite Item Types
Novels and novellas
Least Favorite Item Types
I'm not sure but when I find out I'll tell ya.
I will not review...
Blood and guts type books, anything that might prevent me from sleeping at night. I'm not afraid of no ghost, but like zombies and brain type things gross me out and will literally keep me up.
Public Reviews
Review by TJ Klein
Rated: 13+ | (5.0)
Every woman who has ever been hurt at the hand of someone they loved and trusted wants to hear this. Not the torment he puts himself through, but that he knows he's a monster, that he knows she deserves better, and that it wasn't her fault like he said.

Your writing is so emotional, it has the ability to suck you into it. I feel his sorrow and regret and the pain he could no longer bear to live with. I wish for him, forgiveness of himself.

Review of Within the Walls  
Review by TJ Klein
Rated: 18+ | (5.0)
WOW. This is the kind of work that has special meaning to each person that reads it. I don't know your goal, but I know what I took from it and it made me incredibly emotional.

I like how it can have a different message to each individual, you never force what it is, you allow the reader to apply it to what they need it to be. For me, it was depression and how it runs riot over me.

I truly have no criticisms, I hope among your many hobbies you have included working toward publishing your work. I've read several entries of yours from the books, which aren't my typical genre, to your short stories and then this. I didn't feel comfortable writing a review of anything else I've read up to this point because it is out of my comfort zone, but this spoke to me. The name drew me in and I was taken. I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

You are incredibly talented!
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