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Review of Man Born Blind  
Review by Earl Schumacker
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Hi Patrick,
I enjoyed your writing. It was very insightful. What comes to mind is the concept of free will. Free will is a gift from God. Jesus makes it very clear that He and He alone is the light, the truth and the way. Jesus is clearly the conduit to God The Father. No one gets to the Father but through Jesus. All disease, all blindness, all problems experienced by people do not come from God. They come from nature or from the devil. God allows nature to shape us into better people.
I agree with you. God will not come back to us on TV. That is just silly.

Faith is a difficult thing. We are all blind in that regard. The pope and even my local priest ask the people all the time to "Pray for them." Faith is a challenge for all of us including our church leaders. It is a good practice to take 10 minutes out of our day to dwell on the spiritual part of our nature and pray to God to keep us on the right path.

Good stuff. Keep on writing. Earl
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