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Review by Sean
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I don't think you understand the word throng, but not a bad rhythm. I'd like it if it made a kind of story, or had a underline theme I could figure out. Kind of seems like it's more random dream aspects then anything. I made it rhythm a but more and added a little dream story plot to it. If you think it's s*** I'm sorry, I just thought I'd play around with it. Hope you like it, keep writing.

Dreaming of a dreamers dreams
I rapture at the seems
With style I trenchant to mediate
And see ravens in my dreams
Dreams we dream of the dreaming dreamer

For the Dreams dream dreams
A propitious dream of days gone on
When notions will throng like a crowd
And life will awaken ever loud,
Like the notions of a crowd

Announcing the upcoming dawn
Of a melodious dreams song
Dreams the dreamers dreaming
Come all, dream along

For the Dreams dream brightly
To transverse a euphoric light
Of passion, of friendship,
In which dreamers always dwell
In the dreamers domicile
Also love will swell
From day to night
Reliefs out of sight
After dreams cavalcade from the triflings I have made
To fulfil the Dreams a dreamers dreaming
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