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Review by A Silent Mashiko
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Hello there!

Since I've ended up here by using "Read and Review" function, reading the final chapter felt a little bit out of context, but that works for every story if you try to start reading it from the end, so don't worry here.

To be honest, I like all time - travel stuff because of its nature (for example, Quantum Break, a video game published in 2016, is pretty much inspired by that too - developers made a great game), and so I was glad to see time - travel in literature too. Also I liked a happy ending here - so many creations end up badly (in terms of "unhappiness", it's not bad stories) that I sometimes wish I'd rewrite it. Some may say that creating twisted ending is a path to perfection, but I feel worried about characters and want them to live their lives peacefully and in joy. Maybe that's only me who thinks so, but since it's my review, I write how I feel; should be no problem here.

I can't say much about plot since that's only one (and final) chapter here that I have to review, but I can feel some deep story here, filled with different kind of events and relationships between characters (I was kind of moved by the scene when Megan and Jennifer were saying goodbyes to Zalita), and so I am satisfied even with little piece of story - nothing felt out of place in closing the story. Maybe it felt kind of rushed, but that's my subjectiove opinion of an unexperienced reviewer.

So, overall, I liked your story! Keep it up!

P.S. Some pictures in the story is always something good to have; you can't see it everywhere, so thank you for adding some!

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