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Review of The Dying Game  
Review by Slave2Writing
Rated: 18+ | (3.0)
From the title, to the image of Jenny crushing the cigarette butt into Jeff's neck, to the very end when Chris takes the first bite, I greatly enjoyed this story.

As a reader, I got to see glimpses of Jenny's background that culminated in the woman she eventually turned into, such as being in an often damaged foster system with absent parental figures not teaching Jenny that what she was doing to the poor ants was wrong.

There was a nice build up of tension, knowing that something bad was going to happen but not sure what until the very end, and then being left with lingering tension because as the reader I don't know how it all ends up. At the same time, it doesn't matter, because you know at least two of those guys are going down and the last remaining guy is traumatized for the rest of his life.

I also liked that the story shifted into present tense, so that as the reader I get to follow along with the characters and experience the horror at the same time. It makes it feel more real.

I think what would have raised the tension for me, is if you had given a better sense of Jenny's three victims; distinguishing features, hints of what they had in life worth surviving for. Although intellectually, I know that all life is sacred, it drives the point home if I'm more emotionally invested in them as characters. Perhaps Chris has a daughter he really wants to live to see grow up, and that's why he's going to fight even harder than his fellow gladiators to survive.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story and greatly appreciate you having written it. Jenny's twisted yet humorous personality was memorable, and I really just loved the very ending lines, where we see Chris condemn this game he's been thrust into, and yet nevertheless submit to it. It provokes a moral debate on whether or not his actions are justified. On one hand, cannibalism is wrong, on the other hand, the three victims don't want to refuse to play the game because they'll get shot.

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