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Fantasy (whether light and fluffy high fantasy, or dark and gritty low fantasy; I can get into either), sci-fi, adventure, talking animals stories
Least Favorite Genres
It's extremely rare for me to enjoy any work that lacks any sort of fantastical or actiony elements
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Any work of fiction (books, chapters, short stories, etc.)
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Poetry. I read next to no poetry normally, and I know very little about the art of poetry
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Erotica. I don't mind a work having sex scenes, but I don't want to read anything that's chiefly ABOUT the sex.
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Review by Soran
Rated: 18+ | (4.5)
This was really well-written and compelling start. It doesn't give a whole lot of information about the setting all at once, but it gives just enough to get me interested in going further, which is exactly what a good prologue should do. I see you have more chapters written to this, so I'll definitely be reading more to see where this goes. One of the only real flaws I was able to catch was a simple grammar error, in this sentence:

'One of the grabbed the scythe away from him and hit him on the head while the other one knifed him from behind.'

I assume "One of the grabbed" was meant to be either "One of them grabbed" or "One of the men/bandits/etc grabbed"?
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