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Rated: E | (5.0)
A beautiful and well written poem that flows as gracefully as an Angel in the airwaves. Great job and hope you have more to share . . . thank you.

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Rated: E | (3.0)
Well, it's like putting blinders and ear plugs on a basketball player, and after giving them the ball you point him or her in the right direction and yell at them to take the shot. Now, after they took their shot they ask you just as loudly if they hit the basket ( they can't see nor can they hear ) and you yell back that they did . . . they didn't even get close. How will they know if you're not honest with them?
They write their piece and put it out there for your opinions, bad or good. If you don't give them the right response they're going to think that that cruddy poem or story is the best thing to come about since baseball and apple pie, when in reality it needs a lot more work.
As a writer I would rather have the truth stomp my toes than have a lie lift my balloon to later pop and come crushing down on my toes anyway.
Okay, that was my two cents worth.
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