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Review of The Leaving  
Review by StumbLynn
Rated: E | (4.0)
This was a nice start to a story. The world building was done through description instead of heavy handed dialogue. And even when you had to give some exposition through dialogue, it made sense for the characters to do it.

I think the talking to dragons skill is a very interesting character trait to give your pov character. It seems like it wasn't given enough attention in this part though. You bring it up out of nowhere and then sort of just leave it at being something unusual. Perhaps you can expand on this subject if you continue?
Review of Catching Stars  
Review by StumbLynn
Rated: E | (5.0)
Wow was this story cute! I feel all warm an fuzzy after reading this.

I think that you played with the reader's expectation so well in the first part. The language you use is whimsical and sets the reader up for a world of magic like the genre suggests.

One of my absolute favorite lines is "He felt the star buzz against his palm, looking for cracks." In the moment, the reader assumes it is an actual star and just imagining what it would feel like to hold a star is so interesting.

Overall just a wonderful story and a true pleasure to read!
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