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Review Style
I don't necessarily have a specific "template" for reviews. I do use some of the same methods in certain reviews, but the format of each will likely be unique to the piece of writing itself. I like to use the "three lenses" method when it comes to poetry - I'll read through the piece three times, and will pay attention to the technical, figurative, and literal aspects of the poem respectively. I do point out any spelling/grammar errors, and may suggest revisions for awkward phrasing, etc. I will also list the things you did well in your writing, and if possible explain *why* those certain things were good or let the piece flow more smoothly. I will try to point out different ways you can use those specific positives throughout the rest of your writing, in order to enhance it and allow the story/poem to seem more consistent.
I'm good at...
I'm good at identifying any spelling or grammar errors, and will make sure to highlight those for you. I am an avid reader and can identify awkward phrasing, and will offer some suggestions to make your writing flow more smoothly. However, I'll also make sure to point out the positives - if your character development, plot lines/twists, or descriptions of scenery are good, I'll let you know and potentially suggest other ways to incorporate those talents into the rest of your writing.
Favorite Genres
My favorite genres are Fantasy, Poetry, Contemporary Realism, Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Teen, Romance/Love, and Action/Adventure.
Least Favorite Genres
My least favorite genres are Self Help, How-To/Advice, Biographical, Fashion, Food/Cooking, Hobby/Craft, Military, and Parenting. I do read nonfiction but find it slightly less enjoyable.
Favorite Item Types
My favorite item type is poetry, followed by short stories and book chapters.
Least Favorite Item Types
My least favorite item types are polls, research articles, and biographies.
I will not review...
I will review anything except for interactive stories and forums. I'm open to anything else, whether it be poetry, short stories, prose, essays, or fiction; even some nonfictional genres are acceptable, such as articles, journals, etc.
Public Reviews
Review of Correctosaurus  
Review by Stars Above
Rated: 13+ | (5.0)
I absolutely loved this! It was a unique reading experience, as I'm not used to "all dialogue" stories, but I enjoyed every bit of it. This story was full of humor; it was interesting to slowly get bits and pieces about the environment and the current predicament of the two main characters. I myself am a bit of a "Correctosaurus", though I prefer the term "Grammar Nazi", and so this passage truly was both relatable and enjoyable. I felt extreme sympathy for Craig; I too struggle with being "that guy" who constantly corrects other peoples' spelling and grammar.

The jokes, the slang, the hug; all of this was amusing, engaging, and truly led on to the personalities of these two characters, despite the lack of description. I enjoyed this interaction greatly. Keep writing! I'd love to see another story like this; you've definitely succeeded with this one.

*Gold* My review has been submitted for consideration in "Good Deeds Get CASH!.
Review of A Serenade  
Review by Stars Above
Rated: ASR | (5.0)
I thought that this poem was absolutely amazing! The tone was sorrowful, almost desperate; the speaker of the poem is almost crying out to the object of its affections. This piece was moving, and quite deep; I quickly realized that the object mentioned was, in fact, the moon or its beams. No part of me read this poem and believed it to be about werewolves; this was too deep for that. Rather, your writing demonstrates humanity's primal emotions of awe, wonder, and yes, even fear when faced with such a wondrous and unexplainable thing. The personification within this writing truly causes the moon to seem like some sentient being, a goddess, a temptress, one not to be trifled with yet still one that is alluring and quite necessary. It almost seems that the poem's speaker is in love with, or more likely enthralled by, the moon and is willing to do quite literally anything for such a "sweet temptation". The speaker is drawn to the moon, and cannot help but desire and imagine that the moon appears closer in the sky, nearly low enough to touch. I adore this poem. Keep writing, please!
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