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Review Style
I used to do thorough "line edits," pointing out all grammar/spelling errors, various more stylistic choices that are often frowned upon by writers (infodumps, headhopping, "As you know, Bob," etc.), etc.; but I would also go out of my way to point out anything I could find that was done well, and I was tactful throughout it all, too. I've been on the receiving end of sarcasm, tough love, and "Good luck getting an editor to take you seriously!"-style reviews enough times to know those don't work for everybody. I was honest, but courteous and encouraging. And...all I ever got in return for all that time and work was the authors grousing at me, "I KNOW what's wrong with the spelling and grammar, I'll fix it LATER. Just focus on the STORY!" or else a very bland, "Thanks, I guess." So...I don't review, anymore.
I'm good at...
Grammar and spelling, but I guess nobody wants a reviewer to focus on that.
Favorite Genres
Fantasy, mythology, occult, GLBT, crime/police procedural, psychological drama, anthro, horror.
Least Favorite Genres
Poetry, religious/inspirational (it all seems to be Christian...), biography, fanfiction, Western, and believe it or not, I don't like reading other people's erotica very much.
Favorite Item Types
Static items, used to like surveys but people don't seem to make much use of them here anymore.
Least Favorite Item Types
Campfires, interactives...had a bad experience with the former. Used to like reading/reviewing some blogs, but people rarely returned the favor, so...
I will not review...
Anything, anymore. No loss to anyone. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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