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I usually I go off formating but I also look at words that are used. To me words are more important than the formating of writing.
I'm good at...
Showing emotions in my writing, and bringing my stories to life through words.
Favorite Genres
Dark poetry, and Gothic fiction.
Least Favorite Genres
I don't have any. I think I am to diverse to dislike any Genre.
Favorite Item Types
I am not sure what this means.
Least Favorite Item Types
I am not sure what this means either.
I will not review...
Writing that has too much slang or cursing, abuse or too much emotional upset.
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Review by TheShadyRose
Rated: ASR | (5.0)
I love math, and science they fit so well together. Your poem was definitely a slam, Hehe!

I love how you used Einstein and Plato, all the elements fit so well. Made the whole poem flow.

My favorite lines where:"Even Einstein knew relativity applied to the curvature of love;
in that space where two hearts are racing, everything fits."

I was like, Awesome write! *Bigsmile* *Palette*

Thank you for sharing this poem, I really loved reading it. *Fairyl*
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