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Review of Broken Heart  
Review by D Clark
Rated: 13+ | (5.0)
I had to go thru the worst time of my life during the break up I had just before Thanksgiving last year after 7 years of living with each other but never married and never had any kids. It was a time where I wished I never would have met her. I was also sucidial, being a owner of several guns, it was a very very dangerous time for me. I had a time where I tested myself and God out. Had my 9 mm semi auto pistol loaded with a round in the chamber. And I started to drink a bottle of Whiskey like in the Old West. It was a defining moment on a grand scale. That was suppose to be my last night on earth. But the fear of my soul be taken and buring in hell stopped me. I pray I never ever have another break up, I would pray for death right now if I ever have to go thru another one. I am sorry for this type of response but this poem gave me grave flash backs of the End of Times for me. For my End of Times has already happen. Im just a dead lost soul on this Earth still walking.

D. Clark
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