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Review by mother's stories
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this has the beginnings of a very interesting story! my only hang up, and it is just my opinion, is that the "real fairy princess" has a horrible personality. in the beginning of the story the mother tries to tell the little girl that princess's don't behave so rash and rudely, when that's exactly how the fairy princess behaved. perhaps: the little girl becoming the fairy princess, could learn some manners, and the fairy princess becoming the peasant girl, could learn some humility. then, only when they have discovered what is really important in life, will they achieve who they really are. maybe they could be friends in the end? in reading stories like this to my daughter(who wants to be a fairy princess herself) i make sure that there is a very solid moral of values stated in the end, or i simply move on to something else that does. thank you for your story!
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