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I am blunt... plain and simple. If I feel like I have advice I can offer I'll give it, but you may want to take it with a grain of salt. I will tell you this again when you request a review. I am very selective about who I review as some people become down right vicious if they feel I've insulted their work. It's never my goal to be insulting or offending, but as they say "there's no insult like the truth." If you don't want honesty, don't ask me to review. If you want warm-cuddly feelings, don't ask me to review. If you receive a review you don't like, I will not argue or debate with you. I have a right to my opinion and you have a right to yours... we don't need to fight. Something I don't personally like might become a best-seller and I'm well aware of this, but it doesn't change my opinion. I'm more likely to review your work in exchange for you reviewing mine; as honestly and in-depth as you possibly can. Still want a review? *Coffee*
I'm good at...
Pointing out breaks in the flow in poetry. ~ Breaking down chapters and pointing out SPAG and making other suggestions for improvements (e.g. character contradictions, places that need more or less detail, advice on how to "show" rather than "tell", etc). ~ I'll break down short stories as well and find SPAG, character contradictions, suggest changes in wording, etc.
Favorite Genres
Fantasy/Fiction for books, short stories and chapters. Dark, spiritual and Children's for poetry... actually I like Children's in books and stories too.
Least Favorite Genres
Genre isn't so much the issue... typically speaking I dislike anything with a rating over +13. Crude language and filth don't interest me in the slightest. I WON'T review anything romance/erotica... so don't ask.
Favorite Item Types
Chapters and short stories
Least Favorite Item Types
Ummmm... I'm not sure.
I will not review...
Typically speaking I dislike anything with a rating over +13. Crude language and filth don't interest me in the slightest. I WON'T review anything romance/erotica... so don't ask. One last note: I like to give as detailed a review as I possibly can. Sometimes I'll break a story or poem down almost sentence by sentence, this doesn't mean I don't like it... it means I believe it's worth the extra effort.
Public Reviews
Rated: 13+ | (5.0)
A truly beautiful poem. I can imagine this being sung as a more traditional hymn. *Music1*
Be Blessed! -Brit*Coffee*
Rated: E | (5.0)
Awwww... come on, where's the rest of the story? I need to know more, I like the little peanut butter troll.

The title caught my attention instantly, it sounded fun and indeed it was. This is amazingly well written, I wouldn't change a thing. But it truly doesn't seem complete. So if you decide to add to this little tale please let me know and I'll return to read on.

Thanks for sharing, your newest fan -Brit
Review of The Laidly Wyrm  
Rated: E | (5.0)
Beautiful, moving, inspiring and heart-string-pulling... all are ways to describe your poem, but none seem to do it justice.
It's a wonderful write and I'd love to read more of your work.
Be Blessed & Write On! -Brit

PS, there was one very minor typo that I saw "heros" should be "heroes"
Rated: E | (5.0)
Oh, Bravo! It's been far too long since I heard a poem penned so well, this truly made my night.
Each line was wonderfully and artistically descriptive, painting a picture in the readers mind.
I admit, when I first opened this poem I wasn't sure if I wanted to read it... simply because it's late here and the poem is longer than I was expecting... but I started reading and it captivated me.
Congrats on a brilliant piece of work!! I have every intention of forwarding a link to your poem to my little circle of poetry enthusiasts... hope you don't mind.
Your new fan -Brit
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