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Review by Wolfwalker
Rated: E | (4.5)
Finally somebody has been able to explain how things REALLY work in Washington! I do have to wonder if the 'barnyard' analogy was chosen because of all the manure spreading around in the Capital...

Excellent reading! Thanks for clearing this up for us.
Review by Wolfwalker
Rated: 18+ | (5.0)
I think I know Victoria...and she wouldn't last an hour in the back woods of Maine! The woodmunks would eat her alive. *Bigsmile*

Great dialogue, compelling action, and a hilarious plot! I especially admire how you managed to succinctly define your characters through their actions, rather than relying on mundane descriptive passages.

This story deserves eight s'mores and two *Thumbsup*

Review of Late Potatoes  
Review by Wolfwalker
Rated: 18+ | (4.5)
Jasper, you could quite easily become the new James Herriot of the hoticultural world. Although this piece was quite appropriately listed under the comedy genre, it could just as rightfully find itself a second home in the mystery listings.

This has to be the best read I've experienced thus far at WDC, and believe me, I've read some pretty good stuff.

Clad Barrow and the Widow Moss rapidly evolve from ''verbiage' into 'real life' through your masterful use of the regional lexicon. The other local characters amuse and sometimes shock us as they unwind a truly believable plot. Subtle turns and innocent revelations prepare us, but never disclose the real mysteries that lurk behind the garden gates in the quaint little Wootton community.

You sure know how to 'lay out a story'!

Being brought up in the United States, I found some of the regional terminology to be a bit of stumble, but it in no way detracted from the enjoyment of the read. It never stopped me from enjoying James Herriot, either! Usually within a sentence or two the term would become self explanatory through the context of the story.

Perhaps it's my graphic design background, but I would have preferred a blank line between paragraphs. It simply gives the reader's eyes a tiny break. But here again, the story never suffered for the missing 'rests'. The story carries enough momentum that even if my eyes had been exhausted, I still would have contined straight through to the end.

I shall highly recommend this piece to my literary friends. Keep up the great work and I shall expect to see you in print very very soon!

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