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I've been asked to Review this and I got to say. I'm a fan.

Let's start with the Pro.

A great writer with great detail, obviously caring about what he writes and enjoys writing.

But now the Con.

The lack of ". As a reader, it's far too painful and distracting. I don't know when someone is talking and have to deduct it. Quotation marks are needed. It just seems messy without them.

If you had " then it would be four, but without them it brings it down
Review of FNAF new story  
Rated: E | (1.5)
Ahhhh five nights at Freddy's. The franchise which is half jumps are which isn't justified and half trying to piece together and enormous plot that the author may or may not be adding too whenever he gets bored. Regardless I was expecting a fnaf interactive to show up on this website eventually and here it is.

Let's hope GT doesn't see it
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