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Review by YAMIRODZ
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I am a teacher...only been doing it for the past 4 yours. I enjoy my job, but your article is so true!
I am disgusted in seeing how teachers care so much about their test scores rather than what their children should know. It's like a competition to the top (making sure that their class scored higher than the other teacher across the hallway)...Test are okay, we need them, kids need them..probably..parents want them; but what does it really show? I seen students "bomb" a test, but yet they are very good students, with great input in class discussion...yet they "bomb" the test...Are they stupid? No, our administrators, legislatures and others are the ones "lying" to themselves...making their schools look good when in fact, some teachers actually teach the entire test to their kids weeks before giving it!!! That is crazy and so unfair to our kids...and then if you say something to the administrators, they sit back and say..."Oh, well, I knew something like that was happening, but don't worry, just make sure you don't do it". So, I will be a teacher for a very long time, learning to survive and try to do what is best for my kids, minding my own business...and hopefully retire someday!!!
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