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Movie questions
Movie trivia of the past 60 years
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1. Films:
 The woman the Terminator was looking for in the first film?
       Ann Blyth        
       Sarah Conner        
       Jenna Bush        
       Julie Nixon        
2. Films:
 What is the last word spoken in Casablanca?
3. Films:
 Who played Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies?
       Mr. T        
       Dolph Lundgren        
       Carl Weathers        
       Richard Roundtree        
4. Films:
 Which Baldwin brother was in The Usual Suspects?
5. Films:
 Who directed Sugarland Express?
6. Films:
 What are the only words spoken by the title character in The Artist?
       Excuse Me        
       WIth Pleasure        
       No Thanks        
       He what?        
7. Films:
 Who says "Nobody's perfect" at the end of Some Like It Hot?
       Marilyn Monroe        
       Jack Lemmon        
       Joe E. Brown        
       Tony Curtis        
8. Films:
 Who played Jesus in The Last Temptation of Christ?
       Harvey Keitel        
       Robert DeNiro        
       Willem Dafoe        
       Ralph Fiennes        
9. Films:
 Who played John Doe in Se7en?
       Kevin Spacey        
       Moran Freeman        
       F. Lee Ermey        
       Brad Pitt        
10. Films:
 Who does Darth Vader's voice in the Star Wars movies?
       Pee Wee Herman        
       James Earl Jones        
       Donald Trump        
       Christian Bale        
11. Films:
 Who played Gollum in the Lord of the Rings trilogy?
       Rob Schneider        
       Andy Serkis        
       Adrien Brody        
       Eric Bana        
12. Films:
 Who directed Chasing Amy?
       Woody Allen        
       Ridley Scott        
       Kevin Smith        
       Frank Oz        
13. Film:
 Who played the woman who travels with Jason Bourne in the Bourne Identity?
       Franke Potente        
       Noomi Rapace        
       Rooney Mara        
       Joan Allen        
14. Films:
 Who played Joe Buck in Midnight Cowboy?
       Roy Rogers        
       Wings Hauser        
       Jack Nicholson        
       Jon Voight        
15. Films:
 Who played Jesus in The Passion of The Christ?
       John Cusack        
       Jim Caviezel        
       Anthony Hopkins        
       Ving Rhames        
16. Films:
 Who played Commodus in Gladiator?
       Joaquin Phoenix        
       River Phoenix        
       Derek Jacobi        
       Tony Scott        
17. Films:
 Who was Tom Hanks' lawyer in Philadelphia?
       Antonio Banderas        
       Mike Myers        
       Denzel Washington        
       Russell Crowe        
18. Films:
 Who played Lisbeth Salander in the original Swedish versions of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo trilogy?
       Ingrid Thulin        
       Ingrid Bergman        
       Noomi Rapace        
       Lindsey Lohan        
19. Films:
 Who wrote Midnight in Paris?
       Roger Vadim        
       Woody Allen        
       William Goldman        
       Billy Wilder        
20. Films:
 Who played Fredo in The Godfather?
       James Caan        
       Al Pacino        
       George Hamilton        
       John Cazale        
21. Films:
 Who ia the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story trilogy?
       Roger Grimsby        
       Alec Baldwin        
       Tim Allen        
       Tony Shaloub        
22. Films:
 Who played Tony in West Side Story?
       Russ Tambyn        
       Ned Glass        
       Simon Oakland        
       Richard Beymer        
23. Films:
 Who played Popeye Doyle in The French Connection?
       Dustin Hoffman        
       Robert DeNiro        
       Gene Hackman        
       Wings Hauser        
24. Films:
 Who played Longshanks in Braveheart?
       Ted Levine        
       Danny DeVito        
       Patrick McGoohan        
       Dougray Scott        
25. Films:
 Who was the voice of the HAL9000 computer in 2001:A Space Odyssey?
       Phoebe Snow        
       Douglas Rain        
       Peter Sleet        
       Phineas Fogg        
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