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How well do you know Stephen King or his works? Step right in and give it a try!
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Just how well do you know your Stephen King stories, novels, movies, or his life in general? Think you're all that and a bag of bones? Haha! Here's your chance to show us horror fans why you love 'The Master of Horror' so much! *Bigsmile*

Much thanks to my fellow SK buffs for their contributions!! (If you've got questions and answers to send in, feel free to do so as well.) *Delight*
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Hunt for words related to Stephen King or his stories!
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1. Pseudonyms:
 Which of these was NOT written by 'Richard Bachman'?
       The Long Walk        
       The Langoliers        
       The Running Man        
2. Movies:
 Which Stephen King film features the writer himself in a starring role?
       Dolores Claiborne        
       Shawshank Redemption        
       Storm of the Century        
3. Novels:
 What novel did Stephen King abandon just before he wrote The Stand instead?
       Legend of the Beast        
       Farmer's Bones        
       Haunting on Rose Mansion        
       The House on Value Street        
4. Collections:
 One of these is NOT a part of the book 'Hearts in Atlantis'
       The Two O' Clock People        
       Low Men in Yellow Coats        
       Hearts in Atlantis        
       Blind Willie        
       Why We're In Vietnam        
5. The Dark Tower:
 Susannah Dean is a mixture of what two personalities?
       Detta Holmes and Odetta Walker        
       Odetta Holmes and Detta Walker        
       Susannah Walker and Odetta Dean        
       Detta Dean and Odetta        
       None of the above        
6. Awards:
 In 1996, Stephen King won the O.Henry award for what short story?
       Vietnam Chronicles        
       Shawshank Redemption        
       The Green Mile        
       The Man in the Black Suit        
       Hearts in Atlantis        
7. Sports:
 Stephen King's favorite baseball team is:
       The New York Yankees        
       The New York Mets        
       The Los Angeles Dodgers        
       The St. Louis Cardinals        
       The Boston Red Sox        
8. Partners:
 This author has co-written two books with Stephen King
       Dean Koontz        
       Mercedes Lackey        
       John Irving        
       Peter Straub        
       Anne Rice        
9. The Dark Tower:
 What is the literal meaning of Ka-Tet?
       The strongest gang        
       One made from many        
       One of the team        
       A member of the group        
       An outsider        
10. Locations:
 What is the name of the hotel in 'The Shining'?
       The Waldorf        
       Colorado Hotel        
       The Merlot        
       Overlook Hotel        
       Borderline Hotel        
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