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How well do you know Stephen King or his works? Step right in and give it a try!

Just how well do you know your Stephen King stories, novels, movies, or his life in general? Think you're all that and a bag of bones? Haha! Here's your chance to show us horror fans why you love 'The Master of Horror' so much! *Bigsmile*

Much thanks to my fellow SK buffs for their contributions!! (If you've got questions and answers to send in, feel free to do so as well.) *Delight*
Lynn McKenzie |StaiNed knows grief |NS needs a new muse |Lorna Dune

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Hunt for words related to Stephen King or his stories!
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Good Luck!!
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1. Extra Curricular Activities:
 What magazine does Stephen King write a column for?
       Entertainment Weekly        
       Rolling Stones        
       O Magazine        
2. Books:
 In 'The Stand' what is the cause of 99.4% of the world's annihilation?
       A nuclear bomb        
       Man-made influenza virus (biological weapon)        
       Weapons of Mass Destruction        
       Chicken Pox        
3. Movies:
 Which Stephen King film features the writer himself in a starring role?
       Dolores Claiborne        
       Shawshank Redemption        
       Storm of the Century        
4. The Dark Tower:
 What is the Crimson King's sigul?
       A peace sign        
       A hooded man        
       A handgun        
       A staring red-eye        
       A ball of bright fire        
5. Characters:
 In 'The Tommyknockers' Bobbi Anderson is a successful writer in this genre.
       Historical Fiction        
6. The Dark Tower:
 Who was Enrico Balazer?
       A childhood friend of Roland Deschain        
       A book keeper in New York City        
       A high-caliber big shot in the drug world        
       A former gunslinger from Tull        
       Eddie Dean's mentor and best friend        
7. True Life Mysteries:
 On what holiday weekend in 1999 did Stephen King get hit by a van, almost killing him?
       Christmas Day        
       Fourth of July        
       Father's Day        
8. Characters:
 What 'power' does Carrie White posess?
       None of the above        
9. Location:
 In 'The Stand' what were the two main locations inhabited by the survivors?
       New York and Los Angeles        
       Boulder and Las Vegas        
       Atlanta and New Jersey        
       New Mexico and Portland        
       Las Vegas and New York        
10. Television:
 What is Stephen King's most recent TV series?
       Nightmares and Dreamscapes        
       Kingdom Hospital        
       The Shining        
       Under the Dome        
       Storm of the Century        
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