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How well do you know Stephen King or his works? Step right in and give it a try!
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Just how well do you know your Stephen King stories, novels, movies, or his life in general? Think you're all that and a bag of bones? Haha! Here's your chance to show us horror fans why you love 'The Master of Horror' so much! *Bigsmile*

Much thanks to my fellow SK buffs for their contributions!! (If you've got questions and answers to send in, feel free to do so as well.) *Delight*
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The Horrifying World of Stephen King  (13+)
Hunt for words related to Stephen King or his stories!
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1. Collections:
 One of these is NOT a part of the book 'Hearts in Atlantis'
       The Two O' Clock People        
       Low Men in Yellow Coats        
       Hearts in Atlantis        
       Blind Willie        
       Why We're In Vietnam        
2. Books:
 In The Talisman, what is Jack's mother dying of?
       A Twinner Disease        
       Brain Tumor        
3. Collections:
 You will find the following stories - Apt Pupil, The Body, Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, as well as The Breathing Method - in which collection:
       Nightmares and Dreamscapes        
       Skeleton Crew        
       Everything's Eventual        
       Hearts in Atlantis        
       Different Season        
4. Short Stories:
 Which two stories has Stephen King writing about smoking?
       Cat's Eye and Quitter's Inc        
       The Ten O'Clock People and The Smoker        
       Death by Cigar and Quitter's Club        
       Quitters Inc. and The Ten O'Clock People        
       The Five O'Clock Whistle and Death's Smoke        
5. The Dark Tower:
 What is the literal meaning of Ka-Tet?
       The strongest gang        
       One made from many        
       One of the team        
       A member of the group        
       An outsider        
6. Characters:
 What 'power' does Carrie White posess?
       None of the above        
7. Characters:
 This dog is most likely to have you for dinner.
8. Novels:
 The main theme of Rose Madder is?
       Domestic Violence        
       Psychological Trauma        
9. First Book:
 What was the first book ever published by Stephen King?
       The Gunslinger        
       The Regulators        
       Apt Pupil        
10. Sports:
 Stephen King's favorite baseball team is:
       The New York Yankees        
       The New York Mets        
       The Los Angeles Dodgers        
       The St. Louis Cardinals        
       The Boston Red Sox        
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