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How well do you know Stephen King or his works? Step right in and give it a try!
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Just how well do you know your Stephen King stories, novels, movies, or his life in general? Think you're all that and a bag of bones? Haha! Here's your chance to show us horror fans why you love 'The Master of Horror' so much! *Bigsmile*

Much thanks to my fellow SK buffs for their contributions!! (If you've got questions and answers to send in, feel free to do so as well.) *Delight*
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1. Companion Pieces:
 What is the companion novel to 'Desperation'?
       Hearts in Atlantis        
       The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon        
       Gerald's Game        
       The Regulators        
       The Shining        
2. The Dark Tower:
 From what years were the gunslingers, Jake, Susan and Eddie brought into Mid-World, respectively?
       1978, 1960, 1992        
       1977, 1964, 1987        
       1976, 1956, 1999        
       1990, 1980, 2001        
       1971, 1992, 1993        
3. Movies:
 Which highly popular and critically acclaimed movie adapted from his work does Mr. King dislike?
       The Green Mile        
       Shawshank Redemption        
       Stand By Me        
       The Shining        
       Dolores Claiborne        
4. Family:
 When were Stephen and Tabitha King married?
       December, 1972        
       March, 1970        
       June, 1971        
       August, 1975        
       January, 1971        
5. Characters:
 What 'power' does Carrie White posess?
       None of the above        
6. The Dark Tower:
 In what book of the series would you find the stories of the gunslingers, Roland, Alain and Cuthbert?
       Drawing of the Three        
       The Wastelands        
       Susannah's Song        
       Wizard and Glass        
       The Gunslinger        
7. Pseudonyms:
 Which of these was NOT written by 'Richard Bachman'?
       The Long Walk        
       The Langoliers        
       The Running Man        
8. Novels:
 In what Stephen King book is the phrase "KASHWAK=NO-FO"?
       The Stand        
       The Cell        
       Nightmares and Dreamscapes        
       The Dark Tower        
9. Collaborations:
 Which King novel was originally going to be released as "By Stephen King and Richard Bachman"?
       The Stand        
       Salem's Lot        
       The Dark Half        
       The Dead Zone        
       The Diary of Ellen Rimbaeur        
10. Movies:
 Which adaptation of a King novel changed the ending from a sad one to a happy one?
       Pet Semetary        
       Storm of the Century        
       The Green Mile        
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