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Find out which temperament describes you best.
Temperament is a set of innate traits that underlies personality. Find out which of the 4 below temperaments suits you best. It is highly likely that you are a blend of two temperaments, one being more dominant than the other. It is also a bit possible that there is a tiny bit of the traits of a third temperament. It is very, very unlikely that there is a blend of all four temperaments in one person.

You be the judge.

Temperament score range (so far):
Sanguine: 20-35
Choleric: 36-51
Melancholy: 52-67
Phlegmatic: 68-80

To figure out secondary temperament, look at weighting of scores and see which other number you chose the most, other than the dominant temperament number, i.e. the first choice in answers is Sanguine, the second is Choleric, the third is Melancholy, and the fourth is Phlegmatic.

Sanguine Temperament

Responsive to emotions
Memory for smells & colors
Makes friends easily
Doesn’t hold grudges
Loves people
Lack of concentration
Easily distracted
Very talkative
Interrupts (Egotistical)
Emotionally unstable

Choleric Temperament

Born leader
Compulsive need for change
Must correct wrongs
Not discouraged easily
Knows the right answers
Can see the whole picture
Quickly moves to action
Thrives on opposition
Little need for friends
Leads and organizes
Excels in emergencies
Delegates work
Long-term thinker

Melancholy Temperament

Sensitive to anguish of others
Deep thinker
Artistic or musical
Poetic and philosophical
Appreciates beauty
Perfectionist with high standards
Detail conscious
Neat and tidy
Sees the problem
Seeks creative solutions
Must finish what is started
Content to stay behind the scenes
Likes charts, numbers, and lists
Cautious to make friends
Will listen to complaints
Problem solver for others
Moved to tears with compassion
Tries not to raise attention
Not practical--Dreamer

Phlegmatic temperament
This is me, for the most part *Bigsmile*

Calm and collected
Hides emotions
Reconciled to life
Not in a hurry
Takes the good with the bad
Dry sense of humor
Avoids confrontation and conflict
Cool under pressure
Takes the easiest way
Good listener
Likes to watch people
Compassionate and concerned
Good administrative ability
Slow and Lazy
Detached observer

For a fun, more poetic view of the temperaments:
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1. Emotions:
 How would you describe your emotional states when dealing with difficult situations?
       You wear your heart on your sleeve        
       You turn a cold shoulder to hurtful situations        
       Extremely sensitive to hurtful comments        
       You are calm, controlled, and build your walls up higher        
2. Emotions:
 How do you react in spontaneous stressful situations?
       Anger wells up and you let it out        
       Eyes set on the goal; anyone who can't help, get out of your way        
       You cry and worry about the situation for days afterward        
       You put up your defensive wall and go the easiest route        
3. Logical Thinker or Dreamer:
 When you are approached with a problem, how do you find the solution?
       You think of innovative ideas and are passionate about them        
       You think about the end result and find the most logical route        
       You come up with innovative ideas based on detailed analysis        
       You don't want to be approached, but can slowly calculate a logical solution        
4. Logical Thinker or Dreamer:
 How would your friends describe you?
       Highly imaginative; storyteller        
       Practical; dynamic thinker        
       Artistic or musical; detail conscious        
       Detached observer; diplomatic        
5. Anger:
 What below makes you angry the most?
       Someone disregards something you are passionate about        
       Someone checks your integrity or second guesses you        
       Someone said or did something to you that you think was meant to hurt you        
       Not too much of anything. It doesn't matter anyway.        
6. Sensitivity:
 When you meet other people, how much do you sense what is going on with them?
       Very responsive to others emotions. You want to cheer them up.        
       Unfeeling; You don't hardly sense anything of what they're feeling.        
       You are highly sensitive to personal anguish, but other emotions aren't felt as much        
       You are observant and sense a wide variety of what they feel, but are not limited to just emotional analysis        
7. Reaction to Change:
 When something occurs in your life that requires change, how do you react to it?
       Embrace it; change is good        
       Adjust, change, and move on; the big picture hasn't changed, only small details.        
       Analyze the situations and figure out all the problems its going to create        
       Avoid the change until the last minute possible, hoping you can avoid it        
8. Forgiveness:
 When people wrong you, how do you react?
       Get upset, blow up in anger, then forget about it soon after        
       Push them aside in your mind and forget about them; it's a small thing to worry about it more than a few minutes        
       Be quiet at the moment and mutter under your breath about how you plan to get even        
       Shrug your shoulders, throw it off, and not say a word to them except in sarcasm        
9. Pace of Action:
 When you are given a task to accomplish, how do you go about doing it?
       Passionate about it in the beginning, but lose focus without encouragement        
       Head on, not looking to the left or to the right; self-confident        
       Analyzing the small details, going over the problems, and presenting your work's results with great attention to detail        
       They should give you a deadline; you'll procrastinate until the right time, then methodically pull it together with efficient, but not exact, detail        
10. Social Interaction:
 When interacting with other people, friends or not, how do you react?
       Outgoing; attention-seeking        
       Bold; unemotional        
       Cautious; listening to complaints or gossip        
       Good listener; avoids conflict and confrontation        
11. Whom do you identify with?:
 Of these four people out of the Bible, whom do you identify with most?
       Peter, who spoke before he thought and jumped out of the boat to greet his Friend, who walked on water        
       Paul, who stayed strong and bold even when his testimony was drastically changed by a humbling experience        
       Moses, who asked God who he was to set His people free, that he was not worthy enough to do so        
       Abraham, who didn't ask questions of a source he knew was good, even willing to sacrifice his son at God's command        
12. Friendliness:
 How would your friends best describe you?
       Fun to be around; compassionate        
       Independent; a bit distant        
       Self-sacrificing; problem solver        
       Dependable; mediator, pleasant        
13. Organization:
 When you have many things to keep in mind, how well do you organize it?
       Leave it to mental checks, don't take notes; organization is a waste of time        
       Write out goals step-by-step, and look past small details that don't fit them        
       Everything is written down and filed exactly where it needs to go        
       Filing and note-taking is necessary, but almost is good enough; other people come before organizing own ideas        
14. Stubbornness:
 When people approach you with new ideas that you don't totally agree with, how do you react?
       Listen and embrace the idea, if it will gain their acceptance        
       Tell them how you feel; stand firm, not caring how loud you get        
       Have a deep, philosophical discussion that lasts for hours        
       Listen intently; if the source is a good one, you accept it without a word; if it is a bad source you cast it away, without a word        
15. Optimism vs. Pessimism:
 How do you look at your life and the world around you?
       The world is your oyster and its waiting for you to be the star you were born to be        
       You have a purpose and a big dream and no one can stomp on them        
       You have many problems and no one could possibly help you sort them out        
       Life goes on no matter what happens. There's nothing to get excited about.        
16. Sports:
 How do you feel about participating in sports?
       You want to be put in the game. You want to play. You want the ball.        
       You are an agressive player, but you give pointers to the other players on your team. You play to win.        
       You would rather read a book, watch television or do something creative.        
       You are content to just watch other people play and stay on the sidelines.        
17. Movies:
 What type of movies do you like?
       Fast action or slapstick; something that will keep your attention        
       If you have time for movies, you like ones with big ideas; about people who had big dreams and made them come true.        
       Comedy and dramas that make you think about your own circumstances.        
       It doesn't matter, one way or the other. Whatever everyone else says is worth watching.        
18. Friends:
 How many friends do you have and how do you feel about making new ones?
       You have a lot of friends. You make new friends almost every day.        
       You don't need many friends, but you like to hang out with positive-minded people.        
       You have only a couple of close friends, whom you trust. It's hard for you to trust a lot of people. It's a slow process.        
       You are a loner, but if someone wants to be your friend, you will be there for them no matter what.        
19. Academics:
 What subjects in school do/did you like most and which subjects could you have done without?
       Physical Education and art kept your attention, for the most part; You got bored with math. English wasn't bad, if the subject matter suited your taste.        
       Politics and science were fascinating, as long as there wasn't too much math involved. Classes you needed to graduate suited you just fine. You had to make yourself like them.        
       You didn't have a particular favorite subject. You loved to learn, and the more abstract, the better. Bring on the math class, too. You love manipulating numbers.        
       Sociology, Psychology, History, and English fascinate you because you like to understand people and how they interact. You aren't very thrilled about math classes, but if you must go, oh well        
20. Writing:
 What kind of writing do you like to do?
       Simple poetry, prose, and short stories        
       You write whatever will get your point across to the reader, in whatever form in needs to be.        
       Abstract poetry with intricate rhythm and flow, such as sonnets and the likewise. You like to write longer works, such as novels. Essays are also fun to write.        
       You are content to write whatever suits you at the time. If you are blocked in one type of writing, you'll switch, then go back. You go the easiest route your muse takes you.        
How'd you do? Click below for your results:
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